Jersey Shore’s Snooki Reacts to Her Kids Using the Nickname

The name Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi‘s kids have for her will take Jersey Shore fans back to the boardwalk.

The reality star recently revealed that her nickname from the MTV series has reached a new generation: her kids. In fact, she recently shared on TikTok that her kids—sons Lorenzo, 10, and Angelo, 3, and daughter Giovanna, 7—with husband Jionni La Valle have begun referring to her by the name.

“When my kids start calling me SNOOKI,” Nicole wrote at the top of the screen of the May 18 video, while she lip syncs, “Why is everyone acting weird towards me? No seriously.”

Dedicated fans of the hit MTV series will immediately recognize that Nicole is in fact lip syncing to her own voice, as the sound is from an episode of Jersey Shore. And not only did people thing the situation itself was hilarious, they also loved Nicole’s use of the sound. 

One user wrote, alongside laughing crying emojis, “I’d pay to hear them call you snooki.”

Another commented, “snooki using the snooki sound … my life is complete.”

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