Jerry Jones had no idea who Chris Godwin was in radio interview

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was asked about Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin in a radio interview, and it didn’t go as planned.

Jerry Jones may have forgotten who Chris Godwin was on a radio interview Saturday, as he was asked to help preview the Cowboys-Buccaneers playoff game.

Jones surely keeps up with the NFL, and probably just had a brainfart. It happens to the best of us, and shouldn’t be criticized too often. However…Jones owns an NFL team, and also plays a major role in the football operations department, along with his son Stephen Jones.

Godwin is among the best wide receivers in the NFL. How could this happen?

Did Jerry Jones forget who Chris Godwin was?

Jerry likely just had a lapse. He began his statement discussing how great of a player Godwin was, but then stated he could create some turnovers, as if to say the star wide receiver was actually a defensive back.

This, obviously, is not true. But Jones has an acute football mind and surely knows all about Godwin, even if he misspoke this time around.

Can the Cowboys defeat the Buccaneers?

If Chris Godwin is playing defensive back, I like the Cowboys chances.

Dallas hasn’t won a road playoff game in nearly 30 years. Mike McCarthy used this to his advantage, showing the Cowboys players the only members of the roster who were alive the last time this feat was accomplished. This year’s Dallas team wants to change the tide.

While Tampa Bay is the home team, the Cowboys should be favored. Tampa struggled for much of the season, looking mediocre on offense despite having Tom Brady at quarterback.

Dallas, meanwhile, lost their final game of the regular season despite playing their starters. To win this week, they’ll need a far better effort than they showed against Washington.

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