Ireland Baldwin Shares Glimpse Into Her First Week of Motherhood

Ireland Baldwin is pulling back the curtain on her most important chapter yet: motherhood.

Days after the model gave birth to her and boyfriend RAC’s first child—a daughter named Holland—Ireland is sharing a glimpse into their life as a family of three, captioning a series of photos, “what a week.”

The carousel of images—posted to Instagram May 21—opens with a sweet snap of baby Holland holding RAC’s finger and goes on to show images of Ireland presumably during and recovering from labor. There’s also an image of RAC holding Holland to his chest, as well as an adorable picture of Ireland snuggled up in bed with her daughter. 

Like many celebrities, Ireland and RAC—born André Allen Anjos—have chosen not to share images of their daughter’s face, instead using emojis to maintain her privacy

With the birth of baby Holland, Ireland’s parents Alec Baldwin and his ex-wife Kim Basinger have officially become grandparents. 


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