How Did Quitting Your Job Change Your Life?

The New York Times is interested in hearing stories from people who have quit their jobs during the pandemic. Did you quit your job at some point in the last two years? We’d like to talk to you!

Even before the pandemic, people were quitting: jobs, school and more. But propelled by the many ways Covid-19 has changed workplace norms, tens of millions of more Americans quit their jobs in the past two years. The phenomenon has been so broad that we’ve produced guides to quitting. Now, we want to hear your reflections on the subject.

Was it worth it? Do you have regrets? Did you go back to work right away? We want to know how this choice affected your finances, your relationships, your career path, your views on life or anything else. We’re curious to hear from people of all backgrounds and from across the country.

Please share your experiences using the form below. We won’t use your name or identifying information without your permission, and we may contact you to hear more.

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