Grace and Frankie Are Going Out With a Bang in Season 7 Trailer

Grace and Frankie are the definition of friends till the end.

Ahead of the season seven premiere, Netflix shared a preview of the final episodes on April 14. The trailer shows Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as they continue to grapple with how they want to spend their lives and, more importantly, who they want to spend it with.

For Jane’s Grace, she is feeling disappointed in the men she fell in love with, telling Frankie, “I went from being a woman who didn’t know her husband was gay, to being a woman who didn’t know her husband was a criminal.” 

To this, Frankie simply says, “Next time, just marry a gay criminal and check off all the boxes.”

But Frankie is going through a period of reflection too. “As you approach the end,” Frankie explains, “you start to wonder who you really are.”

Frankie struggles to think of her defining moments, having realized that she “never really did anything” with her years on earth. This revelation prompts her to seek new adventures, saying, “I need a triumphant ending to my life.” 

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