Effective tips to get your skin doubling up on the hydration game and glowing like the summer sun

It’s all yellow! Summer is here and all we see is the sky up to some golden business. How’s your skin keeping up? While your skin gets naturally treated to an uninvited amount of sweat, you could use a glowing game too. The difference? Your skincare routine will initiate this process for you. We’re assuming that you’ve already cut down on the steps with just essential products that won’t fail to hydrate and glow you up. 

Here are a few simple tips that will prove summer won’t come between your me-time with skincare. 

No scrubbing out dead skin every day is almost a sin. It can create more than a single tear for no good reason. Your help your skin absorb moisture and get some natural glow out, this can help to smoothen your skin’s base after putting aside blackheads and grime. Count on this step just twice a week. 

Cleansers are definitely something you shouldn’t skip just as important as sunscreen. For moisturising, here are a few ingredients that can help you out pretty well. Take ghee for instance, super aromatic and best for ultra-dry skin, it can be oily so if you have acne-prone skin, do not use this. For aeons, ghee has been used in Ayurveda, and as a hero in the skincare department, this yellow goodness helps to soften your skin, fade dark spots, treat cracked lips and add lots of sheen to your skin. 

A big fan of serums? Trust a shot of nothing but Vitamin C. Your skin will glow the same as the sun. Antioxidants present in this formula help to lighten skin tan, provide sun protection, boost glow, and keep a check on signs of ageing.

Hyaluronic acid, is probably old in the beauty scene, but it’s thriving and how! The god of all things hydration, this is the water your skin needs. It boosts hydration, smooths, and fights premature signs of ageing. Just be extra sure to not pick up products that entail petroleum-derived mineral oils as these may trigger acne-prone skin. 

If you want to try something like oils, try your hand at squalane and macadamia oil. But, do not use a moisturiser when you have these on. As this can be heavy on your skin. These oils can be as moisturising as your regular creams. This can aid in restoring the lost suppleness. 


What does your summer skincare routine look like? Let us know in the comments below. 

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