Draymond Green: Warriors’ second unit needs to adjust to randomness of playing with Jordan Poole

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The Warriors were dealt another blow this season as they lost against the Kings (122-115). For the defending NBA champions this was their 8th loss in 13 games.

According to a four-time NBA champion Draymond Green the current second unit of the team is different from those of the past that had older players in it. Also, Jordan Poole is coming off the bench who is almost a starter, he says.

Playing with Poole is similar to playing with Curry and is much more random than what the second unit is used to which is set plays.

“I think it’s a lot different,” Green said when comparing the past Golden State’s second units to the current one. “For the most part coming off the bench we’ve had kind of an older statesmen if you will that would come off the bench, slow things down, right the ship.

“It’s different now where you come off the bench… Reality is the first guy of the bench is usually JP [Jordan Poole] and JP is a sixth starter and that’s different feel. When you’re starting to get more guys there turning into the second unit as opposed to first unit guys, whereas there used to be kind of a different offense if you will it’s more like the same.

“I think we have to figure that out and that second unit to understand that what you’re accustomed to is Steph [Curry] go out of the game and the whole offense changes and there’s more sets, but with Jordan it’s still going to be more of the same as you get with Steph.

“I think guys have to really adjust to that and I think it’s taken some time to adjust to that. For the majority of those guys they don’t play a ton with Steph, so they don’t really understand that. Whereas as opposed when Jordan comes with us, we’ve played with Steph so long, we understand the randomness of it. I think that group has to understand the randomness of it. But like I said, that takes time.”

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