Don’t Miss a $80 Deal on a $180 PowerXL 10-Quart Dual Basket Air Fryer

These rave reviews will convince you that this air fryer is a must-have for your routine.

PowerXL 10qt 8-in-1 1700W Dual Basket Air Fryer Reviews

A shopper said, “We loved our first Power XL air fryer that we’ve used for 3+ years. We received this new Power XL dual basket with smart sync today. I love it, and the kids just made chicken nuggets and onion rings, and they turned out perfect. We will use it in some capacity every day.”

Another explained, “I needed the double basket for the way I cook and it has been perfect for my needs. I use it almost every day, it has a permanent home on my kitchen counter top. Controls are accurate for time and temperature. Easy to clean, I wipe out the grease and loose bits left over from whatever I am cooking, pop it in the dishwasher, and it cleans beautifully. The ability to make the two baskets into one larger one is an outstanding feature.”

Someone declared, “This is the best air fryer I have ever seen or worked with!.. once u read instructions … it is a snap to operate! I suggest to go online and get the liners …. And clean up is a quick thing! Highly recommend! Thanks QVC.”

“I’m is the process of losing weight and this fits into my life style. The food is tasty. Cooks faster than the conventional oven. It’s easy to clean the machine and nice looking appliance on my counter top,” a shopper wrote.

A reviewer said, “I love this air fryer! I had bought the Nuwave air fryer I sold it, to hard to use. This is awesome ! I did pork chops my first try and they turned out great! Easy to use and clean. Thank you Power XL!”

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