Dan Quinn wants nothing to do with Micah Parsons position change

Dan Quinn is not about Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons changing positions on us.

The best thing for the Dallas Cowboys is to let Dan Quinn and Micah Parsons do what they do.

Quinn may have been a failed NFL head coach, but even I would admit that he is a fantastic defensive coordinator. As for Parsons, he just makes plays defensively. I wouldn’t worry too much about putting a label on his skill set. Just watch him play, dude.

So when Quinn caught wind that Parsons may want to change positions all of the sudden, it’s not something he is on-board with.

Here is how Quinn views the best player on his defense heading into year three working together:

“He’s a pass-rushing linebacker. If you ever need position changes, come to me. What I think he was probably trying to say is, ‘I’m really emphasizing some pass rush into my offseason.’”

If Quinn and Parsons remain top-tier in football at what they do, Dallas can contend for an exceedingly rare trip to the Super Bowl. It has been a painfully long time since the 1995 season…

Dallas Cowboys: Dan Quinn is not in favor of Micah Parsons changing positions

Not to say the Cowboys have a wide-open Super Bowl window, but they have the roster that can get them to a conference championship in a down NFC, and potentially go from there. They may play in the same division as the defending NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles, but Dallas will not play a first-place schedule this year. This means they are potentially in the mix to win 12 games.

From there, it is all about playoff positioning and getting the most out of its talent, day in and day out. As long as everybody does their job, Parsons and Quinn included, Dallas will be hard to beat. Of course, the Cowboys really need for Dak Prescott to have one of his best years of his career. He may never be a top-four quarterback in football, but if he plays like one, he could win an NFL MVP.

Ultimately, the budding partnership between Parsons and Quinn may only extend through this year. Parsons may be a mainstay in Dallas, but Quinn is probably going to be an NFL head coach in 2024. He was in the running for several jobs over the last two offseasons before backing out of them. Eventually, the right fit for him will present itself, and Quinn could be leaving Dallas for good.

Then again, he may never get to work with another transcendent defensive talent like Parsons…

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