Brothers Forever: Inside Paul Walker and Vin Diesel’s Fast Friendship

“We’ve come a long way,” Diesel continued at podium, where their movie was being honored with the Hollywood Blockbuster Award. “Fifteen years ago, Paul, Jordana and Michelle [Rodriguez] and I became a family—and that’s why you heard it 45 f–king times a movie.” Both actresses, standing behind him, burst out laughing. But, he added, “we became a family and we’ve been blessed enough to…”

Diesel paused.

“You know, it’s hard to talk about Furious 7. It’s hard to celebrate Furious 7,” he said. Taking a deep breath, he explained that he had planned not to talk about Walker that night. Yet “when you’ve had a brother like that, it’s impossible not to. When we made a film that made the whole world cry with us, it’s impossible to receive an award and I feel emotional.”

After some thank-yous, Diesel concluded, “I love you all, and thank you for recognizing that angel. It’s a little lonelier without him, but I know he’s looking down on us—and I know he’s happy, and I know he’s smiling, ’cause all of you have acknowledged him. This is for Pablo.”

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