Ashley Graham Shares the Beauty Must-Have She Uses All Day Long

Ashley isn’t the only one who adores this product. Check out these rave reviews from Sephora shoppers.

St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist Reviews

A shopper declared, “This is my holy grail!!!! first time user and I am OBSESSED!!! I’ve already talked 10 people in my family into buying it!!! I am 31 years old and finally decided to stop laying out in the sun and putting myself at risk for skin cancer! this stuff helps my ego! I spray it all over, but especially my face, neck and chest and I AM TAN. NOT ORANGE! TAN!!!!!!!! BUY BUY BUY!!!!”

Another gushed, “I love this product so much! It’s the easiest face tanner I’ve ever used. And after the color develops I don’t really need that much makeup. The closest thing to this color is a trip to the beach!”

Someone insisted, “A must have product you’ll love! I love this stuff! I use it before bedtime a couple of times a week and wake up to the best sun kissed look!! Definitely a product I keep around!!”

“Love this stuff!! It gives me such a pretty natural looking glow. I will wake up after using this, look in the mirror and do a double take because my face looks so nice! It’s so easy to use, just spray it on and let it dry. Totally foolproof,” a shopper reviewed.

A Sephora customer raved, “Amazing! Wow! Where has this been all my life??! Having chronic illnesses, I’m always quite pale.. I try to sit in the sun for a tan but I know how much the sun damages the skin. This tho! This is it! I put it on in the morning, just 3-4 spritzes and again at night before my moisturizer. I noticed the difference a few hours after the first application. Would highly recommend!”

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