Andrew Wiggins: Warriors ‘Have a Chance to Do Something Special’

Andrew Wiggins and the Warriors are locked in for the foreseeable future after he agreed to sign a four-year extension worth four-year, $109 million extension, per Adrian Wojnarowki and Kendra Andrews of ESPN. Wiggins is now tied to the Warriors for five-years and $143 millions.

When Wiggins came to Golden State, he had a complicated resume as a “empty-calorie” scorer that hadn’t lived up to the massive contract he signed to be the leader in Minnesota. There was also questions about his intensity and whether or not he would live up to the moniker of Maple Jordan.

Since then, Wiggins has evolved into a first-time All-Star, two-way star, and third-scoring option who helped Golden State win their fourth title since starting their dynasty run in 2015. Maple Jordan took a paycut to stay in Golden State, going form making $33 million this year and will earn up to $24 million in 2023. Wiggins is set to make $15 million less than the max he could’ve made if he tested the open market next summer.

What makes this extension even sweeter is the fact that it cames just hours after teammate Jordan Poole signed his contract extension over the weekend. Golden State being able to lock down two of their young stars bodes well for a franchise that is looking to make the most out of their “foundational six” still being on the roster while aiming to develop the stars that they hope will carry the Warriors into the future.

“You never know what the future holds. I’m happy here,” Wiggins said. “We have a chance to do something special. I believe in the guys, the organization. So we have a deal done and I’m happy about it.”

Heading into the 2022-23 season, Wiggins will be asked to reprise his role as the ideal wing next to Stephen Curry. Namely being a primary defender against opposing teams’ best offensive players that attacks the boards at a high clip while filling in as the third option capable of being a strong shotmaker when the shot clock is winding down. In fact, it was

That’s the role he mastered on the way to his first title, and that’s the role he can be expected to refill while the Warriors look to successful defend their title.

“What I see with Wiggs is just a comfort level with his daily routine and our style,” Coach Steve Kerr said. “The way we play is very different from the way he played his first years. So he looks relaxed and ahead of the game compared to the first years where ehe had to figure out how we played, he’s comfortable in it because he’s got a couple of years of work within the style.”

When asked about that he wants to bring over from the playoff run of his life, Wiggins said that his main priority is continuing to rebiund the ball and play defense at a high level. Wiggins believes that he “took a step with the playoffs” that’s capable of continuing to play at that level. Heading into his second full year with the Warriors, Wiggins will look to prove Kerr’s thoughts about him correct.

“There are a handful of guys like Steph or LeBron (James), Giannis (Antetokounmpo) who are going to be great no matter where they are,” Kerr said. “But most of the league, you have to find a good spot. And Wiggs found a good spot.”

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