Amazon Sale: 7 Face mist to flaunt a fresh face throughout the day this summer

Tired of hefty skincare products and layering one after the other is a tedious job. But if your summer skin is drying out in thirst and you have no energy to nourish it with multiple skincare products, face mists must be your go-to product. Simply shake the bottle and spray it on your face from a distance! That’s all you have to do to give your skin a fresh, moisturised, glowing look. Here we bring to you 7 face mists that actually work to help your skin glow!

Here are 7 face mists from the Amazon sale:

The below-listed face mists from Amazon sale are from branded skincare companies that assure to provide what it claims for your skin. Check it out!

1. Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist 

This face mist contains steam distilled water of the exquisite Bela flowers that hydrates the skin and gives it a fresh energetic look. Summer can make one’s skin look dull and dry. This toning face mist minimises the pores and gives a natural cooling effect thereby nourishing the skin.

Price: Rs 1150

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2. Chia Seed Hydro Mist

The refreshing mist with chia seed extract and pink Vitamin B12 helps soothe dry skin with its intensely hydrating formula. This calming toner mist soothes dry and is suitable for sensitive skin too. The toner mist drenches your dry skin like soft rain on a desert, without leaving a sticky residue.


Price: Rs 1352

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3. Rose Dewy Glow Face Mist

Want a dewy glow to your face that lasts all day and night? Get this face mist from the Amazon sale that leaves skin feeling hydrated and instantly refreshed after a spritz. It illuminates the skin and gives it a natural glow and sweet fragnance with its natural fruit blend formula.


Price: Rs 718

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4. GoshLife Vitamin C Face Mist

Face mist is not only for hydrating your skin, the ingredients in the spray can also nourish your skin and induce cell regeneration. This is an elixir in a bottle that helps boost your natural glow and brightens your skin instantly. You can use it on the go or as a toner every day.


Price: Rs 520

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5. Pilgrim Pack of 2 Alcohol-Free Face Mist

Alcohol-free face mists keep the skin hydrated all day long! The skin-replenishing properties in this mist penetrate deep into the skin and help improve skin elasticity. It also helps to soothe, purify and refresh tired skin. This hydrating mist and toner is surprisingly gentle and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. 


Price: Rs 504

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6. Perenne Revitalising Tonic Mist

Your face mist can also be used as a toner, the essential second step of your CTM routine. This natural toner maintains the pH balance of the skin, hydrates it deeply and reduces dullness making it a must-have skincare product for this summer!


Price: Rs 705

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7. Quench Botanics Brightening Face Mist

Here’s yet another skin brightening face mist that you can easily carry around in your handbag and give your face a fresh spray whenever it craves a hydration boost. The pearl extracts in it enhance radiance and improve skin elasticity and cherry blossom helps to repair the skin’s natural barrier and lighten uneven skin tone.


Price: Rs 359

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The face mists from the Amazon sale are now available at slashed prices. The weekend sale event is on for only limited products so shop from our curated list featuring best-reviewed products to make the most from the sale!

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