Aaron Jones wants to prove Packers haters wrong after Rodgers trade

No Aaron Rodgers? Don’t worry, the Packers still have their other Aaron — Aaron Jones. And he’s heading into 2023 with a massive score to settle.

The Green Bay Packers hope to get their 2023 season off to a running start, and Aaron Jones plans on leading the charge.

The franchise has been preparing for Aaron Rodgers’ departure since the start of the offseason, and once Rodgers finally got traded, Green Bay immediately went into competitive mode. That means players coming into press conferences and hiking up the confidence in their team, and Jones did exactly that on Wednesday.

Jones has made headlines for all the right reasons this offseason: he revealed that he took a sizable pay cut in order to reduce his cap hit and allow the Packers to sign more talent.

The sixth-year back posted a career-high 1,121 rushing yards in 2022, but he also posted a career-low two rushing touchdowns. Heading into 2023, he likely knows that the Rodgers trade makes him a much more crucial roster piece behind the young Jordan Love, and he has one thing on his mind: proving the doubters wrong.

Packers RB Aaron Jones vows to prove his haters wrong

With Packers legend Aaron Rodgers out of the picture, many fans in the league may be expecting Green Bay to go through a bit of a rough patch.

No huge roster change will come without a hitch, and just like Rodgers receiving the baton from Brett Favre all those years ago, Love will probably encounter his own struggles and obstacles in a starkly different Packers era.

Love will have the help he needs, though; he has years of learning Matt LaFleur’s offensive scheme, he has a trusty running back room of Jones and A.J. Dillon, and he has the benefit of the doubt as well.

Love played in only four games last season, mostly filling in when Rodgers got injured. His best performance came in a Week 12 loss against the Philadelphia Eagles when Love managed to play a clean game and get some good offensive rhythm going.

Can he perform at that level for an entire season? And the seasons after that?

Aaron Jones would say to that: Don’t count out the Packers just yet.

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