3 super-old former Packers that Aaron Rodgers could force the Jets to sign

Aaron Rodgers, James Jones, Green Bay Packers (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

One of the Jets’ first moves after the NFL Draft and Aaron Rodgers trade was to sign Randall Cobb. So here are more old Packers New York can get their QB.

Despite Aaron Rodgers definitely, most assuredly, not handing the New York Jets a list of players that the quarterback wanted to play with in the Big Apple as the trade was being ironed out, the Jets have already brought in a pair of former Green Bay Packers.

The first was Allen Lazard, which makes a ton of sense in all honesty. He’s a bigger receiver for the pass-catching corps in New York and has a rapport with Rodgers. The latest, however, was laughably egregious as the Jets signed longtime Packers slot receiver Randall Cobb to a deal the week after the NFL Draft.

You know, the same Cobb who hasn’t played more than 13 games since 109, hasn’t eclipsed 40 catches or 450 yards in any of the past three seasons, and will turn 33 years old this season.

It’s quite clear that Rodgers is bringing in his old friends from the Packers with him to the Jets, especially since New York also has already sniffed around Marcedes Lewis this offseason.

So if that’s what’s going on, let’s just lean all the way into like trying to walk against a windstorm. Forget Garrett Wilson, here are some more old former Packers that Aaron Rodgers can bring along to the Jets.

3 old former Packers that Aaron Rodgers can also convince the Jets to sign

3. James Jones

Initially, Donald Driver was going to be the first player on this list, but then came the realization that he was not actually as productive with Rodgers on the Packers as another guy. That player is the ineffable James Jones.

Jones was drafted by Green Bay the year before Rodgers took the reins from Favre but he developed a massive relationship with the new quarterback. After a pedestrian 2008 season, Jones became a fixture in the Packers offense, with the biggest example being his monster 2012 season when he caught 64 passes for 784 yards and an incredible 14 touchdowns.

And if the Jets want scores, than the Jones-Rodgers correction should live forever. Jones has the fourth-most touchdown receptions of anyone from Rodgers in the quarterback’s career with 45 (41 in the regular season, four in the postseason). Hello, New York’s scoring threat!

Plus, Jones is only 39 years old at this point! What a spring chicken. Never mind the fact that he hasn’t been in the NFL since 2015 — that rapport with Aaron Rodgers never dies, so get ready to go over the hill on your next birthday in the Big Apple, hoodie and all.

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